Outsource your Bookkeeping the smart way.

At OBAS we take advantage of new technology advances allowing your business to free up its time spent doing daily, weekly, monthly account and compliance related tasks.

In return your business saves not only $ and can concentrate on other core business functions aimed at increasing your bottom line but the owners or staff will have more time & freedom to pursue needed business strategies.

To create change the small to medium business needs “employee” hours to concentrate on implementing or actively seeking the desired change. That change may be as simple as more time spent making products or looking for cost advantages through new supply chains or forming new alliances in order to get greater buying power.

Whatever the strategy or objective the business owner or manager must have a timely record keeping system in place that is not overburdening resources or man power beyond the affordability or stress barrier.

Outsource your Bookkeeping to OBAS and not only will you have a solid accounting system in place but a great management tool for a continual picture or view of your financial position at any given time to reflect and manage on.

OBAS can do all business bookkeeping and accounting tasks normally at a lower price than hiring in-house staff and most times at a rate business owners or management are keen to take up because they understand the overall cost saving advantages offered.

Plus there is the bonus of not having to spend countless hours entering data


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