The source of the OBAS advantage is our distinctive and difficult to replicate, core competency.

All businesses have some advantage in the marketplace something the business can do well. Perhaps your business provides added customer benefit which is hard for the competitor to imitate such as a reliable process or a close relationship.

Many modern business theories suggest that most activities that are not core competencies should be outsourced. OBAS likes other business to take full advantage of their core competency (ours is bookkeeping & accounting services) thereby utilising time spent exploiting their own advantage.

Outsource non core activities to OBAS and not only gain marketplace advantage but save $.

For OBAS the advantage is our relentless goal to use leading edge technology coupled with fundamental traditional accounting principles and methods to deliver a savings direct to you.

In this very competitive market place were cost saving and time utilisation can mean the difference between survival or business failure OBAS is here to help in the process of staying one step ahead.

OBAS asks if the technology and expertise are available at such an affordable rate why not take advantage of it? Others are!

One of OBAS aimís is to demystify once and for all the whole accounting process for every client and make it a pleasant stress free transition to our outsource advantage.


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